What's inside my professional makeup kit

July 15, 2018

I forget all the time that my big professional makeup kit is every girls’ dream.... In fact it used to be MY dream. I was a skinny, awkward 12 year old dreaming of a shiny makeup case filled to the brim with colours and glitters and a million lip glosses and it’s funny to think I’ve had that for over a decade now and totally forgot that “OMG SHINY THINGS” feeling about it...


But yes, my work kit is actually amazing fun and I do get a kick when I get a request to do a more adventurous look for a client because it means I get to use all the FUN stuff in there!!


So my kit is pretty well compartmentalised although if I could get everything to fit perfectly to each little section I would be in heaven - note to self for future product development. 



So what’s in there:




Nail scissors, about 45 pairs of tweezers which I don’t know where they came from, eyelash curler, disposable mascara wands, cotton tips, silicone sponge, pencil sharpener, acrylic palette, palette knife,  baby wipes.




Moisturiser, transparent loose powder, ispropyl alcohol for cleaning brushes between clients, paper towel, ziplock bag for rubbish, makeup setting spray.


Funny note: I don’t actually use primer! I’ve tried them over the years and honestly have to say I haven’t found one that makes enough of a difference to bother buying and applying for each client - Napoleon Perdis is crying right now but a good moisturiser underneath foundation essentially seems to have the same result. 




One NYX liquid total control in a medium tone, one dark cream foundation, one alabaster cream foundation, and one small palette with about 6 cream shade variations. This is so I can custom mix any foundation tone and texture to perfectly match each client which I use my palette knife and acrylic palette for.


Dermacolour concealer palette.


Contours and Highlighters:



Powder contour kit including a highlight and blush, bronze liquid highlighter, and pink pearl liquid highlighter, YSL liquid highlighter, 2 x Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, 3 x powder blush.

Note: You’ll probably notice there seem to be things ‘missing’ from my kit like all over bronzer, and contour creams. That’s because a lot of items have double uses: If  for some reason I haven’t hit the right shade of foundation, I’ll use a big fluffy brush with my contour to ‘bronze up’. I use a dark and a light foundation over the base as cream contour - no need for an additional ‘cream contour’ - this is a pretty recent product on the market as traditionally cream foundations are used. And I have a deep red eyeshadow which I very rarely use which is an amazing blush for darker skin tones.




2 x eyebrow pencils, 2 x brow powder kits including eyebrow gel




Urban Decay Naked palette, Custom 6 pan Bobbi Brown palette, Maybelline Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette, Bobbi Brown Christmas special brights palette, Bobbi Brown Christmas special face palette incl shadows and lips, and about 10-15 La Femme loose shimmer eyeshadows (Napoleon Perdis rebrands these under his own name at about 3 times the price fyi...), and a few odd single shades I’ve collected over the years.


Eyeliners and Mascara:



2 x Maybelline Gel Eyeliners, one in black and another in charcoal/gunmetal, one black pencil, one white pencil.

1 waterproof mascara, and one Maybelline Lash Sensation (AMAZING)


Individual false lashes, full set false lashes, and again about 400 mini eyelash glues - I actually find the UV eyelash glue included in some eyelash kits are better than DUO now.




About 35 individual long lasting lipsticks - largely from Rimmel. I’ll often mix colours if we can’t decide on a shade. 1 Bobbi Brown Crystal gloss,  2 x 24 hour lipsticks.


Red lip liner, 2 x nude lip liners, 1 x rose lip liner




Loose glitters with glitter setting liquid for eyes, lips and cheeks


So THERE YOU GO! My fab makeup kit in all its glory. 


As you know I use a really wide range of products because I don’t believe in using just one brand or even just ‘luxury’ brands. No one has made a better gel eyeliner than Maybelline, my favourite lipsticks are Rimmel. My foundations are a mix of professional and Priceline products. It’s always best to use the best of what’s available - don’t be a makeup snob haha.


Next up I’ll show you what;s in my Hair kit but the hairdressers out there might be outraged... 


All my Love, 


L xx

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