Baking... no not that kind

This year I did my gorgeous ex-future-sister-in-law's makeup for her year 12 formal - work that one out... I'll wait.... and she asked me if I knew how to bake?

"Well my darling, we all know how to bake - it's more a question of how good you really are at it" - queue 17 year old hysterical laughter. Apparently the world of the internet has come up with yet another completely random term for something makeup artists have been doing practically forever and making it out to be some super cool, trendy thing to do. Righto .

So TRADITIONALLY how this goes is after foundation, contouring eyebrows, sculpting, highlighting etc. we come to the eyes and one of my favourite tricks is to press a sponge into loose translucent powder and press along under the eye creating a veil where any excess shadow can fall. This is then swept away dramatically and fantastically with a powder brush once the eye makeup is completed. (Note: not recommended for ageing skin as it tends to cake into the skin). A side bonus of this is that the powder leaves a nice light sort of highlight - but you have to be suppppeerrr careful to clear it properly so you don't end up looking like Nicole Kidman under a flash (soz Nic).


Now peeps are getting all kinds of crazy and 'baking' everything else that should be highlighted. I for one do not have this many hours or a large enough supply of powder to do this, but sure.. why not.

Uh huh

Sure, you can be one of those people who do their eyes first then foundation, but I don't know about you - I always find it impossible to get the foundation and concealer to look nice and blended when it's applied after so I'll only do things that way around for super crazy drag style eyes (which I LOVE).

So after much giggling from teenagers and eye rolling from me, I can confirm that yes apparently I know how to bake and I suppose that yes the 'baked' look is certainly another way to enhance your highlighting. HOWEVER, I'm seeing a lot of over the top (over cooked if you will) contouring and highlighting going on out there recently - soon to be the title of my next article. Let your skin breathe chickens, nothing worse than staring a a girl and wondering a) how much money and time must she spend on makeup and b) what the hell do you actually look like under all that. Follow to read more on this next time!

All my love, xx

My kind of baking

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