Create & Use Face Charts like a Pro

Ohhh my goodness I'm excited to write this post for you today because face charts for makeup artists are like colouring in books and arts and crafts for kids. This is one of my favourite things to play with when (ha..if) I have time and most of my makeup creativity comes out.

When you're doing complex or 'couture' makeup, face charts really are almost essential, but even for those of you looking to try out a new look, doing a face chart before you pick up the liquid liner takes a lot of the stress of attaining perfection out of the process, and helps you plan what you want the end look to be. Also great if you have something super exciting or sexy on and you want an excuse to plan your makeup 5 days in advance.

I have two face chart designs which I am offering you for FREE if you would like them - simply pop me an email at with the subject line Face Chart and I'll email you back with two PDF files for you to print and copy to use as you like! One is my basic chart I used in makeup up school, and the second is my official Morgan & Elwood chart which you won't believe was drawn by my mum when she was in her teens! Email me for a copy!

If you want to create your own face chart, here's how we do it; find an image in any magazine of a face close up, can be a celebrity or some random, and just make sure you can either see their whole face, or an angle with the most of one side shown like my simple charts in the photos. Grab some tracing paper, and outline the key features only - jawline, lip outline, nose, eyes and brow. The simpler the better so you have plenty of room for creativity when you're filling them in later.

Then photocopy or trace with a pen and copy away for lots of use. Normally in professional jobs we have a section below outlining all the products and colours to be used, but you can just leave a bit of blank space for notes. If you're an amazing artist please ignore me entirely and draw your own freehand! Please don't be boring and print out a copy of the MAC face charts online - lets be original my darlings.

Now get your inspo from google images, Vogue, pinterest, pull out those coloured pencils, black pens, cotton tips, and eyeshadows and get cracking! Here's some tips for a delicious final result you'll want to pin up all over your bedroom:

  • use a cotton ball and a matte eyeshadow or face powder to colour the face in to make it look like actual skin colour if you want to avoid the white paper finish

  • use blush and bronzer with a cotton ball or fingers for contour and blush

  • cotton tips and eyeshadows are perfect on the eyes

  • I use a black pen for eye liner and lashes

  • Again a dark blush is good for bright lips

  • Google others' completed face charts to see just how beautiful and realistic you can make these with practice

Feel free to send me a pic of your beautiful results or use the hashtag #hotfabanddangerous on Instagram to start our little community - more on this in the coming months!

All my love,

L xx

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