Delicious Valentine's Day Makeup

Happy freakin VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! Whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you care about Valentine's Day or not... it's a fantastic excuse to get dressed up and look absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

I personally am celebrating alone, or potentially with my roomie having come to terms with the fact I may be a spinster cat lady for the rest of my life (photo evidence below). But no matter what, it's a day to celebrate love for family, friends, partners, pets, and the world at large <3

A short article for you today on a super sexy look that is sure to make anyone drool. Have a read through some of my older posts on tips for eyes, lips and base if you need an extra hand, and watch my video here on a quick lip demo in a smashing colour!

Perfect your base with your favourite foundation - you know me, I always start with my base first - I'm not one of the do a smokey eye then cake on foundation around it type. To me, I don't feel you get as nice a finish and that's not how I do it as a professional. But! Each to their own. To add some extra depth, use a dark foundation stick or cream, or cream contour kit to add definition under your cheekbones, temples, hairline, nose, and jawline, then set it all with powder.

Reinforce that bangin' contour with a powder contour next, this creates a super blended, flawless look that will make even the Kardashians jealous. Use a shimmer brick, highlighter, or a pop of blush and bronzer to finish off your base and take a minute to appreciate how excellent you are.

Brows baby brows! Fill them in, nice and natural but extend the ends a little past your natural brow length which will make your smokey eye and big lips look a little more balanced. Then, use your favourite eye shadow palette, or Urban Decay Naked palette to create some serious sexy eyes.

For my look, I used a gold all over my lid, with a super light highlight on the brow bone as a base. Then softly blended a medium bronze into the crease in a pointed C shape - blending up towards the brow bone. I then reinforce that with a dark bronze or even black right in the crease, running this same colour under my bottom lash line.

Bring out the best - Maybelline Blackest Black Gel Eyeliner and wing that bad boy up in the direction of your C corner crease and end of your eyebrow for some sexy drama, and run either a black pencil or powder all the way under your bottom lash line. Plaster on some mascara with a trowel and add false lashes if you dare! You guys know me - go hard or go home.

Next, LIPS. Now if you're wearing a bright coloured dress or want to go a bit more subtle, pick a stunning beige or nude lip colour and rock the eyes. Or, do what I do and make a serious impact with a bright or deep colour with so much gloss on top you think it will run. I LOVE all the Rimmel Kate Moss colours (although not kiss proof - note) and the Bobbi Brown Crystal Clear lip gloss.

Don't forget to zhush your hair to perfection and spritz on your hottest perfume. Now either go on that date, head to a bar, have a picnic with the girls or sit on your couch and take 5 million selfies of your bad self.

All my love,


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