Beauty Gift Guide Unlike Any Other

Christmas has just passed so you’re probably hoarding a stash of new and pretty useless hand creams, soaps, body wash, and gift packs that you will likely never use, open, or may re-gift like the sneaky, smart thing you are. So let’s fix this terrible trend now and take a look at my beauty gift guide for 2017. While the holiday season has ended, you’ve probably just realised you have about 10 birthdays coming up, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Easter and plenty of other nonsense, so why not find an excuse to get organised and go shopping now!

My gift guide is affordable, and I guarantee your bestie, mum, partner, or random acquaintance will love love love what you surprise them with!

A box of must-haves

As I said, gifting a bunch of badly perfumed body moisturisers and soap should be a crime, mainly because they aren’t useful, they’re sometimes ‘nice-to-have’s’ but honestly usually stay in the bathroom cupboard for 2 years. So why not stick with something that seems totally random but is actually super handy!!

Grab a nice box from your local $2 store and add all the things we always need, but run out of:

  • Mini spray deodorant

  • Mini dry shampoo

  • Tanning Mitt

  • Model Co One Hour Tan Mousse

  • Venus Razor

  • 3/4 length false eyelashes

  • a nude, or red lipstick

  • Mascara

Easter Eggs

Surprise a non-chocolate eater or someone on a health kick with a mini basket filled with these adorable egg-shaped lip balms. There are so many affordable versions of these now, they’ll probably cost you less than a single Easter egg pack by Cadbury Roses.

$2 Shop Challenge

My best friends and I had an amazing trend going for years when we were in our teens and early 20s and this was the ultimate standard in birthday and Christmas presents, to the point where we were DISAPPOINTED if we didn’t receive one and got an actual present instead. Here’s the game, and you can choose whether or not to tell the recipient about the idea behind this depending on your level of honest. Go to a $2 shop or my personal favourite: Kmart, and set yourself a budget – $15, $20 but really no more than about $25. Fill your basket with EVERYTHING. Doesn’t matter how random it is but it should be kinda cute, kinda useful, and most importantly, hilarious. This also doubles as a fun treasure-hunt-kind-of activity for a rainy afternoon.

Here’s some started ideas for you to hunt for:

  • lip gloss

  • mini nail polishes

  • cheap but sparkly and wearable rings and bracelets

  • hair clips

  • bobby pins

  • small glass containers and jars for decanting or storing cotton pads etc

  • travel bottles

  • candle

The simple single item

We get very carried away stressing about the perceived value of a present when we go shopping, and try to always get more than one item to make it look better, or spend far too much to try to look generous. My absolute favourite beauty gift idea is to buy them your single favourite beauty product with a simple bow and a little Ferrero Rocher box of 3. How about your all-time favourite mascara? Or Maybelline Gel Liner and an offer to teach them how to use it? Or a rollerball perfume from Sephora of your favourite scent? Or John Freida shampoo and conditioner for their hair tone? Explain why you love it and think they might enjoy it too.

Cult Favourites:

Then there’s the classic beauty favs that you’ll find reviews for everywhere online, here are my favourites for you to pick and choose something really special:

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks

These come is some gorgeous shades, smell and feel amazing. I always have my clients and friends asking what brand they are

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

Perfect for all skin tones, but they have a range of other shades too. Can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, contour and eyeshadow

MAC Lashes

I’m a big fan of a shiny set of MAC false lashes, particularly their 3/4 lashes which are amazing for almost every day

OPI nail colours and collections

These guys release miniature collections all the time in different themes in tiny original OPI bottles.

Garnier Micellar Water

Maybe combine this one with another pressie but this stuff is my favourite makeup remover and I take it with me to all my jobs

Urban Decay Naked Pallette

O.M.G. Best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned.

Happy Shopping!

L x

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