Lashlashlashes! Eyelash extensions from a pro

I had a client once who had the most unbelievable eyelashes that I thought she had applied false lashes before she arrived for her makeup appointment. Turns out they were the rare and elusive eyelash extensions I had heard of but never seen or tried myself. Cue a friendship, sharing lash lady numbers and a frantic request for a booking and I was HOOKED. $60 later I couldn’t believe women were bothering with stick on eyelashes and mascara when these bad boys existed.

I ended up recommending this amazing lash lady to everyone and then my friends asked me “er.. why don’t you just learn how to do them?” Valid point my friends!!

Another girl I knew with an ever changing career once asked me to be a model for her eyelash extensions course and I jumped at the chance, but even for a first time I couldn’t believe how badly applied they were – within one week I had my boyfriend literally ripping them, my own eyelashes and all out of my eyes they were that painful. Needless to say I decided to go to a professional accredited training school to learn rather than a chick with her own salon on the other side of Sydney.

My course took a full day and $500 (what’s that – business expense!) And by the end of the day I couldn’t believe how easy lash extensions were to apply. We were recommended to charge no less than $120 for a full set but needing to compete with my own lash lady’s pricing (sorry honey) I decided $60 for friends, $70 for clients and $40 for an infill. I have to say I love applying lash extensions almost as much as I love having them on my face. The effect is instant, glamourous and stunning.

If you’re tempted to try them but not sold yet, let me give you a few professional pointers:

Only go to someone who is qualified and experienced, I don’t care if it’s in their apartment or backyard but experience is a must. You’ll also often get a far better price asking around friends for a recommendation rather than paying $170+ for lash extensions in a salon. Put it this way, I use about 5 things to put lashes on, and a set of lashes to last up to about 30 clients costs wait for it… $35 wholesale. So those prices are insane. Yes it’s time consuming and a skill that requires training and practice but that’s a rip off.

You can get three types of lashes, mink, silk, and synthetic. If you’re allergic to cats or about animal rights (like me) don’t go mink. Silk lashes are my favourite and still look natural, while synthetic can look fake, and shiny although cheaper still.

You can also get lashes in different thickness levels, and curl, your lash lady should know what will suit you based on whether you want a natural look, a bit more obvious or full blown falsies look. They also have a specific L curl lash designed for Asian lashes which provide a nice curl but strong adhesive to natural straight lashes.

Lashes grow and drop out with your natural hair turnover so in about 2-4 weeks you’ll probably want them infilled. They are perfectly safe for your lashes, the only exception being if you are a lash junkie and getting them infilled every 2-3 weeks for over a year, then darling you need a break. I personally let mine mostly drop out before I go back for a full set to give my lashes a little breather in between.

Swimming, oil based eye makeup remover, sometimes eyeliner, and sleeping on your face will make them fall out faster so if you swim daily, sadly this may not be the beauty treatment for you. Same story of all your hair and nails grow at an insane rate, you probably won’t get much life out of them for the price.

Brush those bad boys daily and don’t apply mascara to keep them looking fresh and neat, trust me you are going to LOVE getting up in the mornings and not having to touch your eye makeup for most occasions.

Now my only lash problem? I CAN’T APPLY THEM ON MYSELF *sobs*.

So go on chickie! Give them a go!!

Love always,

L xx

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