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I cannot believe I am finally back at it after so long since I last wrote and now this year has so much promise and excitement ahead as we leave hideous 2016 behind, and celebrate 2017!

Any of you who know me know 2016 was a real doozy, but my 2017 so far has been amazing, all 20 days of it. I've seen my favourite people, spent day after day in the sun, house-sat at the most beautiful home I've seen in my life, puppy-sat for some beautiful fur babies, started journaling, and generally just been so thankful for my amazing life. In exciting developments; I changed up my job and am back working for the greatest boss I ever had wait for it, FROM HOME, 3 DAYS A WEEK, and the rest of my days are spent doing makeup, hair and beauty! The dream is here people!

So I have had plenty of time to think of all the wonderful things I want to share with you in the coming months, researched things I think you'll love to read and learn about and am going to be throwing myself into some beautiful things to show you on Instagram (@morganandelwood). So subscribe and follow and keep your eye out!

Here's a sneak peak of some topics I'll be exploring in the coming weeks, of course feel free to send through suggestions about anything you want to know more about:

Hottest Hair and Makeup Trends Through the Years How to Create & Use Facecharts like a Boss Beauty Gift Guide LashLashLashes! Eyelash Extensions from a Pro Under Eye Coverage You Thought You Could Never Achieve It's all Gravy Baby - Lessons from 2016

Don't forget to visit the snazzy new look & feel at where you can now read blogs, purchase some goodies, and book appointments online. As you know I started my business primarily to help other women in everything life may throw at them, so giving you guys some insights into what I've been through is really important to me, and also sharing what I've learned from starting my own business in case you are sitting on the fence considering taking the plunge too. I'm constantly reading new books, asking others for their input and trialing new ways to grow this baby, and what would be the point if you couldn't reap the rewards of that too!

I'll be posting weekly this year, so grab yourself a glass of bubbles and sit down and enjoy some down time with me.

All my love,

L x

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