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I’ve come to the realisation that a lot of my clients and people I meet aren’t too sure on the nuts and bolts of a range of beauty treatments like when to have them, how often, what to do in between etc. I thought it might help you chickens out a little if I wrote up on some of these things, although some of you will be salon aficionados and won’t need this help.

Waxing: Depending on your hair growth cycle, normally a wax needs to be redone about every 4 weeks. Some might have seriously active hair follicles trying to turn you into a state forest in which case you might be able to get a wax after 3 weeks though I don’t imagine this an excellent scenario for your cashmoney. Those lucky biatches who never grow hair or have very light hair, might be able to stretch to 5 weeks. Lets face it – we can all stretch it to 5 weeks but your beauty therapist may hate you if you do this all the time. 6 weeks – just do me a favour and don’t.

If you’re getting a wax for the first time, or the first time in a long time that’s totally ok, just be sure to mention it to your therapist when you book or arrive so she knows that she might need to allow a bit longer for your appointment. This is to try to reduce your discomfort by not having to rip away at lightening speed and allow for well…err …trimming if necessary. Keep in mind it may take your hair a little while to fall into a nice 4 week routine for waxing and you may need to come a little more often to start to even up the growth cycle.

As for when the best time is to have a wax? Most will tell you a week after shark week (that time of the month) as your pain threshold is a bit higher. I agree that right at the end of shark week is ideal as you’re likely not getting super busy that week anyhow, and no one is going to notice if your hair is sprouting all over you. In between, make sure you’re exfoliating either manually with a body brush or mitt or scrub, or with ingrown hair solution applied after a shower each day until all the hairs have broken through the skin again to avoid ingrowns.

Spray Tans: A spray tan normally lasts about a week before it starts to go feral, maybe a week and a half if you are retentive about moisturising or using a tan extender. you CAN do a spray tan once a week but there is a big caveat on this – thou must scrub like a mofo the day it starts to turn patchy, or you will be that girl getting a spray tan done over her last patchy tan and looking like some kind of mouldy brown walking skin disease. I prefer to just deal with being less than fabulous for a few days while it really comes off then get a fresh coat. Prompts many “oh wow, you look so GOOD today!” I know….it’s chemicals. Amazing Amazing chemicals. (although no where near as bad as they used to be!) Remember to moisturise your tan every day after you get it, once or twice! And then scrub it all off when it starts to go patchy.

Facials: This is one where your therapist can guide you according to what you skin condition needs. A month is a good rule of thumb for maintenance – if you are happy with your skin and want to keep it that way. If you’re povo like me – you know once every 6 months to a year is fine… (*next post: How to get the best skin minus the $$ when you’re budget allows for zero self improvement or luxuries*). For those with problematic skin and looking for solutions, you may need to come weekly or fortnightly at first to kick start the healing and recovery, and then drop down to once a month. Trust me – it’s worth it. In between – follow your therapists advice to the letter. She’s not just making this stuff up – she’s trying to save you money on more facials and actually get you some results so you love her work and refer her to a friend!

Mani/Pedi: Again, once a month. You know on reflection this could have been a much shorter entry – “Once a month ladies.”

Massage: Every day.

Joking. Actually what I was taught was that we’re actually supposed to be getting massages once a week as it is brilliant for circulation, relaxation etc etc. However budget is really the main indicator here. Do however check your private health fund and see if remedial massage is included. Many massage places including Thai massage offer health fund rebates for their remedial massage – and if you find a great one, their idea of a remedial massage is just like an extra blissful relaxation massage.

So enjoy chickadee, go look after YOU this week.

All my love, xx

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