Part One: Are you even Legit?

So I asked my very best BFF what else people would like to know and she said ever so wisely, “what to look out for at a beauty salon that indicates they’re legit and hygienic” among other things. So I bring to you the ever so brilliant Sister from Another Mister Series – Part One: Are you even Legit?

Legit Sign 1: Your client consultation form. Every beauty salon, and technically every nail salon should ask all clients to fill out a consultation form on their first visit to collect personal details, medical history, allergies, and any other relevant information. This is not just a liability tool should something go wrong during the service, and it is certainly not just to get your email address so we can SPAM you. Most importantly, correctly completing the form tells the therapist or technician what contraindications are present – a fancy word which means what pre-existing conditions or circumstances exist which may cause problems, reactions, or negative outcomes as a result of a service.

For example, if you use Roaccutane or Accutane, the condition of the skin may be so altered that a simple eyebrow wax can end up ripping half your skin off. It’s also advised therapists use absolutely no skin piercing, sharp, or hair removal implements or procedures on those with Diabetes – even massage can be considered extremely risky due to the inability of a diabetic’s immune system to recover from small or minor injuries, and issues with circulation. Pregnancy, STIs, thrush, cold sores, sunburn, bruising, scar tissue, and nail infections are all contraindications for certain treatments. Am I making you nervous now about all those times you’ve had your nails hacked at in a nail salon without either telling them your skin and health conditions, or knowing what their last client’s conditions were?? My advice is, if they don’t ask you to fill out a form, seriously consider visiting another salon that does. Then fill that baby out like an exam and remember to update your therapist if any of your circumstances change, including medications.

Legit Sign #2: Ah the wax. Wherever it may be on your body there are some tell-tale signs that your therapist, or the salon you’re in actually know what they’re doing and they’re hygienic. Which you totally want them to be because if your junk touches wax that gets re-dipped into wax that someone else’s junk had touched then you have totally been bumping uglies with God-knows-who. Numero 1: She’s wearing disposable gloves – EXCELLENT SIGN PEOPLE. #2: You’re sitting on a nice, clean vinyl mat, or disposable paper bed roll. #3: She tests the wax on herself first so she doesn’t burn your skin off. #4: She’s using disposable spatulas that look like large or small or average paddle pop sticks (don’t judge on size) and she throws them away after using it or uses the other end (wrapping the used end in paper first) before chucking it. #5: She applied skin cleanser, oil or talcum powder, and finished with a soothing cream. #6: She doesn’t use liquid strip wax (using a paper thing to stick over it and rip off) on your downstairs mix-up. She only uses hot wax which is far more suited to sensitive skin and picks up teeny short hairs. #8: She does not put you in any of the following positions: Froggie, On-Your-Knees, Legs-in-the-Air-Like-you-just-don’t-care.

If your therapist goes against any of the above, seriously question why you are there, or straight up bail. All places that offer waxing (and nail services) have to register with the local council and comply with strict skin penetration guidelines which failure to do so can result in an audit and a hefty fine. Made ya think huh?

Legit Sign #3: Obvious hygiene and staff stress levels. As crazy as this sounds, a lot of people are too embarrassed to walk out of an appointment even if the salon is visibly dirty. It all comes down to what kind of complaint personality you are, which marketing textbooks world-wide dedicate chapters to. My point is, if there’s wax stuck on the walls and surfaces, there’s rubbish around, things look visibly dirty or old, or every nail or pedicure file is white with other people’s nail tissue, either be obvious (“EWWW I’M OUT!”), or make an excuse about being suddenly ill if you’re too shy to complain – although they could benefit from knowing the real reason.

In this category is also stress levels of staff members. If it’s a busy salon and staff are running around or your poor therapist looks like she’s just completed a 5km marathon, question the hygiene of what she’s about to use on you. I’m by no way saying all busy salons are dirty, however poorly managed, overbooked salons result in overworked, stressed out staff who aren’t provided enough time in between appointments to sufficiently clean and sterilise their equipment.

And now, because I have a R.E.A.L. L.I.V.E. B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. I can happily say: so why not drop into Morgan & Elwood sometime and I will happily show you how a clean and professional salon operates, and offer you a chat and a cup of tea with your favourite service.

All my love,


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