I can’t even start typing this without laughing, and crying a little inside. This is dedicated to the hundreds and hundreds of poor teenage girls who are ending their week with horrendous bruising around their lips from trying to get the Kylie Jenner lip look. So. So funny, and so sad for you and your pain.

Lesson 1: dont stick your face in anything involving suction.

Lesson 2: I am too chicken to ever get injections in my face. Or involve myself in above said at-home suction procedures.

Lesson 3: Love yourself, but hell lets play with some makeup.

Even I have been a little Kylie Jenner crazy of late – she looks damn hot, she’s a young spring chicken, she’s hella good at makeup, and her lips came out of nowhere! I’m not jumping on the has she or hasn’t she had injections bandwagon, but yes, a teeny tiny part of me wants to be her – could have something to do with the stacked Cartier bangles but whatevs.

In an attempt to have a crack at the #kyliejennerchallenge without suctioning my face, I thought I’d pull out the lip department of my obscenely large makeup bag and see what I could do. Two notes on this: 1) I literally never wear lipstick because I’m not a fan of my small crooked lips so don’t like drawing attention to them, and 2) I did this at 9:30 after I already took my makeup off so thus the lighting/filters to correct the lighting and total lack of other makeup. #makeupfail #filterfail

You’ll also note that I did not go the “whole kyliejenner hog” and make my lips look enormous because I cannot pull that off. Think of this as a lesson in enhancing.

  • Apply your foundation and concealer and powder, and slap plenty on the outer corners of your lips to reduce the appearance of the length for a more small, round and pouty look.

  • grab some contour (ahhhh sweet contour) and apply a blended line right in that chin fold under your lip to create more depth. Also apply a little under the nose down that crease.

  • pull out your lip liner, in any colour of your choosing but I have gone with a nude. First run it gently (almost smudging!) under the bottom fullest point of your bottom lip to create a lower bottom lip line, and fill in your lips all the way to create that pouty look I mentioned. Generally follow your natural lip line, but go a bit outside the natural lip line at the fullest point until you taper to the corners where you want to bring it back to normal (or less).

  • On the top, same deal, really round the peaks of your top lip, and continue just outside your natural lip line until you curve back in towards the outer corners. Fill it all in.

  • Check the shape and even it all out

  • Apply a lip plumper (I like Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer) and then add a dab of gloss to the very centre of your lips and blend out

  • For those of you with lovely proportioned faces, you can make yours as full and kyliejennery as you like, but I’ve kept mine appropriate to my small nose to chin ratio

Now please don’t suck your faces off any more.

Love xx

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