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As a follow up from my last post, I had a brainwave moment (these are rare) and realised there may be a hell of a lot of you who want to know more about how to do your own wedding makeup, and while my earlier breakdowns are useful for the fundamentals, some may have zero idea what the difference is for your big day.

Note however, unless you are already well experienced in wedding makeup/hair, or you are particularly trying to ruin your wedding day, please do not attempt to do any hair or makeup on anyone except yourself. You might be seriously savvy with a mascara wand or 6, but the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is frantically checking the time, drinking Up & Go at 2 pm, and considering spinal surgery from bending over all morning. That is my job.

So for those of you on a budget or eloping, or having a no bridesmaids wedding, please read on!

Wedding makeup differs for two main reasons:

1) you are being photographed all day so are essentially star of your own romantic photoshoot and 2) you need to look like your best, most beautiful self FLAWLESSLY for anywhere from 4-12 hours. Which in turn equals two things – your makeup will need to be heavier than normal for the photography element (a lot fades, and multiple sins appear through a camera lense), and that shit needs to stay prime, waterproof, fabulous, and glued so that when you wake up the next day you still look damn hot.

So essentially, follow the steps in my earlier posts on makeup but keep in mind a few things:

– Practice as many times as possible before your wedding and take photos

– Buy a medium to full coverage foundation, MAC has a great range, but you’ll also find some good ones in Priceline if you’re on a budget.

– AFTER your dress is on, ask someone to apply a thin layer of foundation over your décolletage, shoulders and back. Lightly powder and add bronzer if you wish. This continues the flawless face look

– Set with powder and carry a pressed powder through the day to stop shine

– Contour like a pro, and don’t be afraid if you think you’re being a bit heavy handed, remember the idea is to create 3D shape to your otherwise 2D foundation plastered skin and photography will wash this out

– Line your eyes with a darker shadow and a waterproof gel eyeliner on top, even if you “don’t normally wear eye liner” – I don’t care, you will thank me later.

– Don’t skip your eyebrows

– Buy individual false lashes and apply a heap on the outer 2/3rds of your lashes, these are easy to apply and no one will notice if you lose the odd one. Don’t use a full strip of lashes as they WILL peel off

– Carry your lipstick/gloss, powder, and mirror with you through the day.

– And most importantly don’t wuss out and do your normal daily makeup – spare me from hearing “my husband wants to see me looking like me” – yes but he also wants to lose control of his lower jaw when he first claps eyes on you and struggle to tear them away all day – for the RIGHT reasons

Finally, a quick note on hair, if you are having a soft out do that you’ve done a million times on yourself, then by all means DIY, otherwise I think this is an area that even hairdressers would suggest, get a professional in. Any other style is very difficult to layer with products and pin in an immovable position by yourself.

Now go on and get married!


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