Bridal Herrr and M’up

Being the ripe age of 26 it appears everyone my age is getting married, which is good news for me as a makeup artist because it means wedding season is back on and I get to play “dress ups” doing hair and makeup for brides.

For those of you who are engaged, you might find this post useful. For those who are married, you can reminisce delightfully on your own big day (lucky), and for the single and “in a relationship” peeps, hopefully you can have a laugh.

Many makeup artists don’t really like doing wedding makeup. That’s right, you heard me. Not because we hate YOU, the beautiful blushing bride to be, but wedding makeup and hair never really fulfils any kind of passion for artistry. So forgive us if we’re not over the moon to be helping you out.

When you’re choosing a makeup artist, first things first, book a few months in advance at least because no we don’t want to cram your trial in 3 weeks before your big day when we probably already had plans. This also gives you time to have a couple of trials with different people if your first one seems to be lacking.

My all time favourite question to ask is “so how do you think you’d like your makeup?” Because without fail the answer is ALWAYS “uhhh I dunno… Just natural I guess!”


I would like to point out that not a single bride ends up with “natural” makeup. Trust me, I studied this shit. Photographic makeup with false eyelashes, eye liner, 3 different eye shadow shades, pink lip gloss and blush ain’t natural sweetheart. Ask instead for “radiant…old Hollywood glamour… Romantic”. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Hair is a different case all together. I’m a hair stylist and even I have NO idea what would suit me on my wedding day. The other tricky part of this equation is that seeing as we’ve never slapped eyes on your face or head before, chances are we have no idea whether tumbling curls or a clean up do will suit you. We’ll find out in 35 minutes when we’re done and then hope to god you like it so we don’t have to do that all over again. (9.5 times out of 10 it works!)

DO send us photos of hair and makeup that you like

DO send us a photo of your own face and hair

DO pay us on time please

DO have fun – include your bridesmaids, put on some music, crack the champagne and enjoy getting ready on your wedding day! My god, I have seen some boring wedding day preps

and please DO send us a couple of photos from your wedding for us to use in our portfolios

ooh! And DO refer us to your friends!

Now the dont’s…

Please don’t be a fuss-pot. And don’t be rude.

Keep your bridesmaids on a leash, partly so they don’t give us constant pointers, and also so they’re not wandering in and out all day oblivious to your needs

Don’t book us to do your mum’s, grandma’s, auntie’s hair if they actually have none. There is no way to style brown smoke and we will still charge you.

Don’t get ready with your hubby to be in the same room!!! Yes it happens.

Now go out there, book a professional, and get married you fox, you.


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