Always more gloss

Last in the line of tutorials is adding spectacular COLOUR to your now fabulous face. I love this step because 9 times out of 10 I so cannot be bothered (e.g. work face) so when I am actually going somewhere exciting and I make it to the lips and cheeks stage I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Now I’m not big on blush. Ever. On anyone unless you are one of those teeny tiny striking blondes who can seriously pull it off, or it’s your wedding day and you know… you’re radiating.

The problem with the blush I see most girls applying is that is sort of undoes all the work you just did with your foundation and colour. “I’m applying foundation to cover up my uneven skin tone and redness…but them I’m going to slap it back on over the top.” Uh…what…

When blush is applied WELL it should be gently layered as a soft sweeping pop of colour (not too much pop please) like that bridal glowing look. I like coral toned cream blushes for this reason in particular, but I also LOVE some powders in really deep rich roses and almost purples that you can get that look horrifyingly scary in their packaging but somehow turn out AWESOME. So the moral is don’t be afraid to try – but only try when you are spending the day at home because that will not come off…

Bronzing and blush bricks are also a favourite for their soft layering of colour and slight shimmer. Use a smaller brush on the lightest tone in these and sweep in small circles on your cheek bones, brow bones and above the eyebrows for some seriously sexy glow.

So the moral of blush – pink is not always best, and CAREFULLY apply, don’t go crazy. Less is more.


I do not have lips for lipstick but a girl I worked with at Bobbi Brown had one of those gorgeous faces where she could pull off lips, eyes, or both and still look amazing. Even worse was the day Bobbi Brown launched a hot new range of lipsticks in amazing shades. This girl changed lip colour every hour and every one looked drop dead gorgeous.

Please keep in mind your colouring too, there’s been a bit of a fashion to follow the magazine trends – “omg pastel peach is IN cos it is SO SUMMERY!!” NO NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOO!

So please be careful. Nudes matched to your natural lip colour and glosses will never get old so go to town with these and when in doubt, apply it, then get someone else to take your photo. Then decide. (Washes you out, takes over your face, or makes you look like you stepped out of the 80s – it’s a no go) You can go down the lip liner route too if necessary but honestly most lipsticks these days are pretty good and won’t bleed like old fashioned ones. Although I can’t speak for the smokers out there.

So finish off your stunner face, fix your hair (never miss this step!!), throw on some fabulous clothes and jewellery and you are good to go chickens.

All my love xo

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