Welcome to another step towards creating my real life obsession – the Morgan & Elwood page. Being a young spring chicken, I still have some work to do before I can give you the real thing – what I hope will be floors of delicious bath tubs, beauty treatment rooms, dressing rooms, all the products of your dreams and essentially a haven for women.

So where did the idea come from? Surprisingly, as a result of my chubby 5 year old hands playing with my budget Johnson & Johnson bubble bath. I’d sit in the tub for hours sculpting marble benches, tubs and pots of special creams, water features and spa baths, all out of slowly diminishing sparkling white bubbles while I imagined a place where all women could go to feel spoiled.

That’s my dream, to create a place to spoil, guide and educate women in all stages of life. So while that dream is still in the works, I wanted to create a page to be your go to for beauty, passion, health, happiness, and laughter. Perhaps you’re bored at work, or having a night in, or want something to gossip about on a girls day – hopefully with the help of my friends and some external inspiration, this might become your favourite place to come to relax and wind down.

Oh, and where did the name Morgan & Elwood originate? When I was trying to think of my business name, I kept coming back to a memory. I didn’t want to call it something clever, branded, designed as a marketing ploy that would tap into the human preferences for repetition and recognition. I wanted something personal that reminded me of the warmth and joy I hoped to spread and I was stuck on the names of two very special teddy bears, given to my sister and I by our parents when we were young: Morgan, my little squat brown bear with leathery paws and red bow tie, and Elwood, my sister’s large white Polar Bear. They gave us years of happiness and love and still sit in my bedroom to this day.

A big thanks to my beautiful mum who taught me what beauty, strength, and independence are. I hope you realise how amazing you are.

Please, enjoy!

All my love,

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