Working in beauty salons during my early twenties introduced me to a number of women who felt comfortable confiding their personal stories and current situations with me during their appointments. In a safe space, often relaxed, and with a degree of anonymity, women often disclosed details with me about financial difficulties, domestic violence, illness, and abuse against their children by a loved one. 
Having experienced domestic abuse in my life, I resonated with these women who just needed some kind of outlet for what they were going through, but the hardest aspect was that not only was I not qualified to counsel them, but that at the end of the day they would often leave the salon and I would never see them again. I had no way of knowing if they escaped violence, protected their children, their illness treated or terminal, or destined for bankruptcy.
I began wanting to find a way to establish my own business where women could still feel safe enough to confide in me, but have access to a range of resources to help them through whatever they were facing.
I then faced my second personal battle with domestic abuse, and this became one of the strongest inspirations for change. To help women leave situations in which they are experiencing domestic abuse, educate them on where to seek help and support in a time of extreme stress and pressure, and how to hold themselves together for the days, weeks, and years to follow in rebuilding their lives. 
Who we are partnering with
Women's Safety NSW (previously Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service) is a peak representative body for women's specialist domestic and family violence services and engage in the following:
  • Assist women and children at court 
  • Support women seeking an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (AVO and ADVO)
  • Provide a safe space for women and children at court
  • Provide information about court and AVO's and direction to other support services
  • Drive policy, practice and law reform to improve safety of women and children, justice and wellbeing in the context of domestic violence. 
Makeup for Change hopes to raise awareness of this incredible organisation and encourage donations or other involvement/volunteering to assist them in continuing to help women across NSW. 
What is Makeup for Change
Makeup for Change is a project initiated by Morgan & Elwood to help raise awareness of domestic abuse in its many forms, support those who have experienced abuse during their lifetime, and guide women to resources and organisations that can assist them. 
The Makeup for Change project will be providing a complimentary hair and makeup session to women who have previously experienced domestic abuse to:
  • Improve their sense of self worth
  • Spoil and provide a memorable, enjoyable experience
  • Allow a safe space in which to tell their story
  • Contribute to raising awareness for domestic abuse
Through this project, Morgan & Elwood hopes to collect these stories and experiences with photos where appropriate, and share support materials and education around domestic abuse. All sessions and collected information will be private and confidential where necessary. 
We define Domestic Abuse as inclusive of:
  • Physical violence
  • Emotional/psychological abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse and violence
  • Financial abuse and control
  • Fear
  • Intimidation
  • Social abuse
  • Harassment
  • Isolation
Domestic Violence Statistics Australia
For those seeking assistance, counselling, or further support:
Download the Charmed & Dangerous booklet and see pages 14 and 25 for contacts
Contact Domestic Violence Crisis Support on 1800 656 463
Or contact Lifeline 131 114
If you are in an emergency, contact 000
How to get involved