Using Indio Cosmeceuticals

Having worked with cosmeceutical skincare for years in the Beauty Industry, there is no comparison. Indio Cosmecuetical Skincare uses pharmacy grade ingredients to deliver fast and effective results. See a difference in your skin by the end of your facial, and obvious improvements with an at home skincare routine. Because every client needs a professional diagnosis - you choose the base facial below, and Morgan & Elwood will deliver the best products and application tailored to your skin.

Skin Consultation


A professional skin consultation & analysis to help you understand your skin's needs. 

So Fresh, So Clean - Teenage Facial


A 50 minute facial for under 18s. Involves a deep clean, extraction and balancing products to help address teenage skin concerns and outline a treatment plan

FIGJAM Facial 1 hr 15


For those blessed with a great skincare routine, or fabulous genetics, a maintenance facial to keep your skin fresh, youthful, and problem-free. 

Queen Bee Facial 1 hr 40


For the rest of us, a treatment facial to address all your skin concerns including ageing, blemishes, pigmentation, rosacea, acne and more. 

Peel on its own 45 mins


Serious results need a little extra oomph, a peel suited to your skin can boost skin repair and deliver faster results from your skincare. For a quick pick-me-up and speedy results, a miniature facial focusing on a peel suitable for your skin & needs

Peel add on to Facial


Extend your facial by 20 mins and give your skin an added boost

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