My obsession in life has always been to spoil other women, to dote on them, make them laugh, tell them they are loved, and listen to their problems. 
I found that working as a beauty therapist & makeup artist allowed me to do that every day; spoil, guide, & educate women in all stages of life. 
It is with great pride that I have managed to bring Morgan & Elwood to life  - what I hope will be your favourite place to indulge, chat, learn, & indulge. From my little baby hands sculpting bubble bath into an imaginary haven for women, big things will continue to grow from Morgan & Elwood, and I can't wait to share them with you. 
As for the name - I wanted something that represented all the love, joy, and care I grew up with thanks to my beautiful mother and sister. What better way than to use the names of our beloved teddy bears. Mum, Elly: this is for you. 
All my love, 
About Laura - Owner
Completing a Certificate IV in Makeup Artistry in 2008 at The Makeup Technicians, Laura has ten years experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings, events, formals, fashion shows, and photography.
Specialising in glamour and bridal, she has a passion for making women look and feel their most beautiful no matter what the occasion.
Laura continued her studies with a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing to benefit the growth of Morgan & Elwood 
Laura at Morgan & Elwood